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About Us
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We will create a prototype,
test it with beta testers, and then scale the product.

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We thrive on emerging technologies and design products that users love from both B2C or B2B environments

Case Studies

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Ocean Side Fitness

How we helped a community fitness facility automate their sales process and manage their membership

OceanSide Fitness is a community fitness facility with over 10,000 feet (930sq.m)established in 2001, providing a full range of fitness services to its local community. TIN re-envisioned its static website and created a membership platform where members could register, communicate with the staff, and automatically check-in and renew their membership.

Increase in conversion rate
YoY Growth
Throne of Grace

How we helped a pastor connect to his flock

The throne of grace is committed to transforming the lives of individuals, families, and communities all over the world through the unconditional love and understanding hole found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Streaming Hours
Stored Streaming Hours
Aviation Airways Middle East

How we re-envisioned the aviation training industry

Airways Aviation in the Middle East is the leading provider of Airline Transport Pilot License Programs (ATPL). They have combined the best of traditional and 21st-century training techniques to create a fully integrated course allowing pilots to start their training at home, and take their qualifying tests in Europe. Their training models were developed from extensive industry expertise and reinforced by real-world circumstances.

New students on boarded
On-Demand Courses available
Confidentiality Requested

How we changed the trajectory of a consumer based social media platform

The company had a brilliant idea that allowed individuals, institutions, and brands to store their valuable content in a time matrix. As mobile phones become the primary method of photography, this product was needed more than ever. They have existing partners in Universities, and institutions.

Microservices Developed
Moments Created

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John Carter
VP of Marketing at Webflow

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Jason Larson
Marketing Lead at Google

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Sophie Moore
Head of Marketing at Facebook
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Why subject matter experts should monetize their expertise

We create custom branded visual communication systems, that include video on-demand, live broadcast, and conferencing allowing you to create your own private network.

February 28, 2021

Why listing platforms are not all created equally?

Some use page builders, site builders and others use opensource and commercial Content Management Systems. We discuss the pros and cons of each system and why it matters

February 28, 2021

The benefits of a connected neighbourhood

It's hard to deny the success of Nextdoor with 268,000 neighborhoods globally. The neighborhood-based social media app lets users provide feedback on local businesses.

February 26, 2021