Digital Presence Establishment for a new school

The International School of Strasbourg required a swift website launch to showcase services and boost admissions for the upcoming year.

International School of Strasbourg


The International School of Strasbourg, a newly established educational institution spearheaded by three industry experts, faced the daunting task of establishing a robust digital presence. With a need for a comprehensive and engaging website, vibrant social media channels, and informative flyers, they turned to our company to build their brand's digital footprint from scratch.


Being a brand-new school, the International School of Strasbourg had no existing digital presence. The challenge was to create an engaging and interactive website, effective social media profiles, and compelling flyers. Moreover, the team needed to ensure a robust SEO strategy to rank the school's website on Google's first page, making it easily discoverable for potential students and parents.


Our team set out to build a comprehensive digital presence for the International School of Strasbourg using the brand identity provided by the client. We chose Webflow as the platform for developing the website, known for its SEO-friendly features and flexible design capabilities.

Key features of the website include:

  • An attractive design reflecting the school's brand identity, with comprehensive information about the institution, its offerings, and its unique value proposition.
  • Implementation of SEO best practices to increase the site's visibility on Google, making it easier for potential students and parents to discover the school.
  • The addition of a newsletter form to capture leads, providing regular updates and keeping interested individuals engaged with the school's activities.
  • A strategically placed pop-up to encourage user engagement and lead generation.

Alongside the website, we also established active social media profiles for the school and designed attractive, informative flyers.


The result was a vibrant, SEO-optimized website that captured the essence of the International School of Strasbourg. The website now appears on the first page of Google, effectively driving organic traffic and increasing visibility. The newsletter form and pop-up added to the website contributed to a steady growth in the school's lead generation, with about 20-30 sign-ups each month.

The school's social media channels, complemented by well-designed flyers, further amplified their reach, providing multiple platforms to connect with potential students and parents.


This project underlines the significant role that a robust digital presence plays in the success of a new institution. Through a comprehensive, SEO-optimized website, engaging social media channels, and informative flyers, the International School of Strasbourg has successfully established its digital footprint. This strong digital presence has set the foundation for the school to attract students, engage with parents, and grow its reputation in the education industry.

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