UN Women Expo - A Rapid, Robust Digital Solution

UN Women Expo, an annual event by UN Women, needed a website in 2 weeks to highlight speakers, news, and event details

UN Women

The Challenge

In 2022, UN Women launched a project known as the UN Women Expo, a significant event aiming to foster discussions and cooperation around gender equality and women empowerment. The information pertaining to the Expo was housed within the broader UN Women website. As a result, the Expo details became challenging for interested parties to locate amid a plethora of other information.

The Expo was culminating in an event scheduled for November 2022. UN Women wanted to provide comprehensive information about the event, including the list of participants, event agenda, and speaker details, in a simple and user-friendly way. However, they faced a daunting challenge: the timeline to implement this was just 2 weeks.

The Solution

UN Women chose our company to address this challenge. Our task was to design, develop, and launch a dedicated event website for the UN Women Expo that would allow easy access to all the required information. Leveraging our robust infrastructure and a team of seasoned developers, designers, and project managers, we were committed to deliver a working product within the specified timeline.


The first step was to understand the brand identity material provided by UN Women, ensuring that the new website would align with the brand image and core values of UN Women. Our design team meticulously worked on the visuals while making sure the site would provide an optimal user experience.

In parallel, our development team planned a technically sound back-end that would ensure the site's high performance. Simultaneously, our project managers facilitated the coordination and communication between all stakeholders, maintaining transparency and adherence to the timeline.

Through agile development methodology, our team managed to go through design iterations quickly while allowing room for client feedback and changes. We launched the website within the set timeline, ensuring rigorous testing for smooth functionality.

The Results

The result was a distinct, user-friendly, and engaging website solely dedicated to the UN Women Expo. The new website successfully provided all the required information about the event - from the participants and agenda to the details about the speakers, all easily accessible.

Achieving this within the constrained timeline of two weeks was a testament to our team's commitment, skill, and seamless collaboration with UN Women. The success of this project not only affirmed our ability to deliver complex projects within a challenging timeline but also showcased our comprehensive services that range from web hosting to complex platform development, deployment, 3rd party integration, marketing, and support.

This case highlights our ability to understand client needs, adhere to brand guidelines, and deliver high-quality solutions in a rapid timeframe - a success story that exemplifies our commitment to serve our clients with excellence.

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