Website Overhaul for The Great Western Hotel

The Great Western Hotel sought to enhance its website for greater visibility and improved guest experience.

Great Western Hotel


The Great Western Hotel, a charming bed and breakfast located in Paignton, Devon on the English Riviera, approached us with a challenge. Operating exclusively during the summer season, the hotel relied heavily on its digital presence to attract guests. However, their existing one-page website was outdated and lacked the features necessary to optimize their online booking system. They were dependent on and sought a more diversified and user-friendly solution for their reservations.


Our main challenge was to build an appealing and functional multi-page website to replace the hotel's existing one-page design. We needed to provide detailed information about each room to potential guests and encourage direct bookings through the hotel's own platform. Additionally, the hotel required an efficient channel manager to streamline the reservation process.


Our team completely reimagined the Great Western Hotel's website, moving it from WordPress to Webflow to enhance SEO potential. The site was expanded from a single page to multiple pages, each dedicated to showcasing a specific room with comprehensive details and high-quality images.

To drive direct bookings, we added a pop-up feature on each page to encourage guests to contact the hotel for reservations. This direct contact mechanism was designed to offer a more personalized booking experience and reduce dependency on third-party booking platforms.

We also installed a channel manager to facilitate the booking process, providing a centralized system for managing reservations from all channels, including the hotel's own website and


The revamped website significantly elevated the online presence of the Great Western Hotel. With each room featured on its own page, potential guests can now get a detailed view of what the hotel has to offer. The addition of the pop-up feature incentivized direct bookings, offering guests a more personalized booking experience.

The new channel manager streamlined the booking process, helping the hotel manage their reservations more effectively. This has allowed them to save time and reduce the chances of overbooking or other reservation errors.


This project demonstrates the potential of a well-designed website and a robust booking management system in boosting a hotel's operational efficiency and online presence. The Great Western Hotel, with its new and improved website, is now well-equipped to attract more guests and manage reservations effectively, setting them up for greater success in their upcoming summer seasons.

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