Digital Transformation for the Throne of Grace

Throne of Grace, a Canadian non-profit, required a website for member interaction, donations, and sermon broadcasts.

Throne of Grace


Throne of Grace, a not-for-profit religious organization based in Canada, was poised with the challenge of connecting with their parish amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with the imperative to shift from an entirely physical location to a combined physical and digital presence, they turned to us to assist in their digital transformation journey.


The primary obstacle for Throne of Grace was to transition smoothly into the digital realm without compromising the community aspect and personal touch that comes with in-person worship. They needed a secure, easy-to-use platform that could accommodate up to 250 worshippers simultaneously, with live broadcasting capabilities, a dial-in conference system, and an integrated donation system. Moreover, the solution had to be implemented quickly and efficiently to prevent any disruption to their services.


Leveraging our comprehensive array of services, we collaborated closely with the Throne of Grace senior leadership team and volunteers, creating a combined membership platform and communication facility on WordPress, an open-source CMS.

Key features of the system include:

  • A custom-built video broadcast platform able to support up to 250 worshippers at once. This provided the means for the organization to conduct services virtually, maintaining their spiritual connection with the community.
  • An integrated dial-in conference system allowing the church to provide support and counselling to their parishioners on demand.
  • A live broadcast feature that enabled the church to extend their reach beyond their local community.

Furthermore, we integrated a third-party donation system with Stripe to allow one-time and recurring donations, enabling the church to continue receiving financial support critical to their operations.


In just five weeks, we were able to transform Throne of Grace from a strictly physical church to a combined physical and virtual organization. The church can now reach its parishioners anywhere and anytime, through the virtual platform we helped to create.

The platform's integration with the third-party donation system proved beneficial for the church's financial health, allowing them to receive regular donations from their online community.

The Throne of Grace church now uses the platform to live broadcast their services three times a week, enabling their community to engage with their faith from the comfort of their own homes.

Future Steps

Building on the success of the initial project, we're continuing to work with the Throne of Grace team to enhance the platform further. Our next step involves adding a social element to the platform, driving increased engagement and awareness, and strengthening the sense of community amongst its users.


This project demonstrates how digital transformation can help organizations not only survive but also thrive during challenging times. With the right tools and strategies, Throne of Grace was able to maintain their connection with their parishioners, extend their reach, and ensure their financial sustainability. As we continue to develop their platform, we are excited to support their mission and help them make an even bigger impact in their community.

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