Elevating Luxury: Drunken Horse Gin's Digital Transformation Journey with TIN Agency

Gentlemen's Craft, a renowned Belgian gin producer known for its presence in Michelin-starred restaurants, sought to revitalize their digital footprint. Their objective was to align their online presence with their newly redesigned brand identity, enhance their e-commerce capabilities, and overhaul their social media strategy.

Gentlemen's Craft
Food & Beverages


  • Outdated website not reflective of the brand's premium status.
  • Inefficient online sales process.
  • Inconsistent social media presence.
  • Need for market-specific content for Belgium and the UK.


1. Website Redesign and Development:

  • Utilized Webflow for a tailored, modern website design emphasizing the brand's luxury appeal.
  • Streamlined e-commerce functionality to facilitate seamless online purchases.
  • Developed localized versions of the website for Belgium and UK markets, ensuring a tailored user experience.

2. Social Media Management:

  • Devised and implemented a comprehensive social media strategy across platforms.
  • Created visually compelling creatives and engaging ad copy for campaigns.
  • Successfully launched targeted campaigns for Christmas and Black Friday, leveraging Facebook's advertising tools.


  • The new website effectively encapsulates Gentlemen's Craft's high-end brand ethos, leading to an enhanced digital image.
  • Significant improvement in the online sales process, with an increase in both traffic and conversion rates.
  • The localized websites allowed for more effective targeting and a personalized customer experience, leading to increased engagement in both the Belgian and UK markets.
  • Social media campaigns led to increased brand visibility and customer engagement, contributing to a rise in sales during key holiday periods.

TIN Agency's collaboration with Gentlemen's Craft resulted in a comprehensive digital overhaul, aligning the brand's online presence with its esteemed reputation. By embracing a custom website design and a proactive social media strategy, Gentlemen's Craft not only enhanced its brand image but also saw tangible results in sales and market reach.

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