Website Redesign for Horepa

Horepa, based in Lebanon, underwent a website redesign using new technology, aiming to expand throughout the Middle East.

Hospitality Products


Horepa is a leading supplier of hotels and restaurants in Lebanon, with an impressive inventory of products. However, their website, a critical business tool built over 15 years ago, was noticeably outdated and lacked the necessary features to showcase their range of products attractively. Without e-commerce functionality, the company was in desperate need of a fresh new look to make their products appealing and simplify inventory management. They turned to us to reinvigorate their online presence and functionality.


The primary challenge for Horepa was its outdated website. The visual appeal was lacking, and the backend system was cumbersome, making it difficult for the team to update product information quickly and efficiently. While e-commerce was not a requirement, the website needed to effectively showcase their products and allow clients to easily make requests.


Our team set out to overhaul Horepa's website, aiming to infuse a modern look while greatly enhancing functionality. We chose Webflow as our development platform, well-known for its versatility and user-friendly interface.

Key features of the new system include:

  • A complete visual redesign that revitalizes Horepa's online presence and allows their product range to shine.
  • A robust Content Management System (CMS) to manage the multitude of product categories and sub-categories, making inventory management a breeze.
  • A built-in mechanism to allow clients to easily make requests.

The final step was to ensure Horepa's team could navigate and manage the new website effectively. We provided comprehensive training, equipping them with the necessary skills to update their inventory and manage client requests independently.


Horepa's new website provided a fresh and modern face to their brand, significantly enhancing their online presence. The user-friendly design not only made their products more appealing but also simplified the process of browsing and requesting items for their clients.

In terms of functionality, the newly implemented CMS streamlined the process of managing their vast inventory. With the training provided, Horepa's team quickly adapted to the new system, now independently managing updates and requests with ease.


This project underscores the power of an effective website redesign. For Horepa, the overhaul not only improved the visual appeal of their website but also significantly enhanced its functionality. With the right tools and training, they are now better equipped to manage their inventory and interact with their clients more efficiently, positioning them for greater success in their market.

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