Peticures Grooming

Our team developed a user-friendly website for Peticures Grooming, complete with SMS integration for enhanced client communication, and implemented local SEO strategies that landed them on Google's first page in Cocoa, Florida.

Peticures Grooming
Pet Services

Client Background:Peticures Grooming is a premier pet grooming salon located in Cocoa, Florida. Founded by industry veteran Joey Villani, the salon sought to establish a robust online presence to showcase its high-quality grooming services and its new location. Recognizing the competitive nature of the pet grooming industry, Peticures Grooming needed a digital strategy that would set them apart and attract pet owners in their community.

Challenges:As a new business, Peticures Grooming faced the challenge of building brand awareness and attracting local clientele. They required a website that not only highlighted their expertise and services but also enhanced customer engagement. Additionally, it was crucial to implement a strategy that would improve their visibility in local search results to become the go-to grooming salon in Cocoa, Florida.


Our team embarked on a comprehensive project to build a dynamic and user-friendly website for Peticures Grooming. The website was meticulously designed to reflect the salon’s brand ethos and to provide customers with an intuitive interface for exploring grooming services.

Key features of the website included:

  • A visually appealing layout that showcased the salon’s grooming expertise.
  • Detailed service descriptions, helping pet owners understand the value and breadth of Peticures Grooming's offerings.
  • An SMS integration platform, allowing seamless communication between the salon and its clients for appointments, reminders, and promotions.
  • Robust local SEO strategies to elevate Peticures Grooming's online presence, ensuring that when potential customers searched for a groomer in Cocoa, Florida, Peticures Grooming appeared on the first page of Google search results.


The outcome of our collaboration with Peticures Grooming was a significant increase in online visibility and customer engagement. The new website served as a cornerstone of their digital marketing efforts, effectively showcasing their grooming services. The SMS integration platform fostered an improved communication channel, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, our local SEO initiatives resulted in Peticures Grooming securing a spot on the first page of Google search results, leading to increased foot traffic and a growing customer base.

In conclusion, our targeted digital solutions equipped Peticures Grooming with the tools necessary for online success, positioning them as a leading pet grooming salon in Cocoa, Florida.

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