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Communities have always been at the heart of everything that is important in our world. Without communities, the world would be a very lonely place  with minimal to
no contact outside of our immediate families and friends.

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Our mission

Extend the reach of your community

We create value for communities by increasing awareness and provide the expertise to amplify the goals and objectives of both geographical and communities of interest.

what we do

We create systems
that power communities

We build artificial intelligent portals where constituents can easily find
information on what to see and do, upcoming events, and local
products or services.  Our CMS driven platform seamlessly
connects to video, audio and the internet of things.

Community Listing Portal

The portal showcases everything your community has to offer so visitors & residents can easily find things to see and do, places to visit and allows everyone to discover hidden gems.

Community Booking

Harmonize your residents booking experience when they make a reservation at a restaurant, hotel or theatre, or when they check in to the doctors, dentist or hairdresser.

Community Storytelling

We have a dedicated digital asset management system which allows powerful storytelling about all the things to see and do in your community to be shared online and through social media.

Community Infrastructure

The installation of beacons, wifi, and multi-cell DECT systems allows  residents, visitors and stakeholders to communicate efficiently at scale anywhere in your local community.

community mobile applications

When was the last time someone walked around with a 16" computer looking for their favourite restaurant?

Join The Intelligent Network and tell your story around the corner or around the world.
Each communities uniqueness and creativity is showcased throughout the network.
The more communities that join our network the greater the interaction and collective benefit.

Visitors App

When a visitor gets to a point of interest, they can scan an Augmented Reality target to get more information, get a coupon, or admission ticket.

Residents App

Residents create a secure private persona so merchants can offer the right services and products on demand or just in time. 

Merchant App

Assist customers and build relationships from anywhere whether they are in your location, delivering on-demand services, or working from home.

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