Jerson Cayo

Jerson Cayo

Director of Sales
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Jerson Cayo is a seasoned entrepreneur and accomplished sales leader, who has amassed extensive experience in various sectors, most notably in the insurance industry. Noted for consistently exceeding sales targets, he possesses the expertise to penetrate new markets, assemble stellar teams, and institute novel processes and systems that escalate sales and productivity, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

He displays a fervent dedication towards uplifting the underprivileged, and has been instrumental in creating programs aimed at empowering youth in his homeland, Haiti, and other nations within the Caricom region. An advocate for self-sufficiency, Cayo firmly believes in teaching individuals to be self-reliant rather than providing them with temporary solutions. In line with this belief, he has continually urged his teams to develop products, systems, and methodologies designed to alter the lives of the younger generation positively, providing them with tools that support instantaneous training and skills transfer.

Cayo's company specializes in creating cloud services catering to a diverse range of industries, including global telecommunication companies, mobile virtual network operators, financial institutions, city portals, consumer product companies, media firms, and businesses. Their omnichannel chat solution enables custom routing, compliance, and integrations, eliminating the need for clients to construct and implement their own solutions.

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