Visual Communications Platform

Branded Community Conferencing

We provide a secure video platform branded for the community. Together, let's help your members provide exceptional live customer service, while reinforcing your communities message.

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Live Broadcast

Let your story be heard.

Share your message with a small group or your entire community. Live broadcast allows you to seamlessly reach a global audience.

Video On Demand

Organize your community into channels so your stories are not lost.

Relive the moment with VOD that can be easily shared with your community enhancing your brand and engaging fans.


We have designed a high functioning audio/video/storage and broadcast systems into one platform.

Live Stream

Broadcast your live and virtual events to expand the reach of your audience beyond your physical location.

Video on Demand

Build libraries for training and selling your services and products through video conferencing


Collaborate on documents, complete forms, and execute agreements directly on our video conferencing app

Record Meetings

Record your meetings so that you can share important meetings with colleagues and replay as needed.

Screen Share

Share your screen or present information, without requesting permission. Allow remote control of a screen share for richer collaboration.

Simplified Experience

Join with a simple tap, and avoid the need for lengthy passcodes, or choose “Running Late” to let everyone know you're running behind schedule.

Video Tiles

One click to interact with your meeting attendees individually. Picture-in-picture for 1:1 meetings and featured videos.

Visual Roster

View the roster to see the status of each attendee and manage their audio/video settings.

Conference Calling

Create and use personalized meeting URLs for your online meetings.

Step 1

Install the infrastructure, which includes your personal identity platform allowing both single and social sign-on.

Step 2

Start with our existing brand, with the ability to update to a custom brand after 90 days.

Step 3

Our Process

Relive the moment with VOD that can be easily shared with your community enhancing your brand and engaging fans.

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bolt-on platforms

what's your digital strategy

The reality is you and your members
have already invested a ton of effort into your website,
portal or mobile app. Don't start again, work with us you to bolt-on our platforms to your existing environment.

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