smart community

Why should you make your community smart?

We build artificial intelligent portals where constituents can easily find information on what to see and do, upcoming events, and local products or services.  Our CMS driven platform seamlessly connects to video, audio and the internet of things.

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interactive features

Community Knowledgebase

The portal is the number one source of information about the community and what it has to offer, its history and current events. With new online features including blogs for individual communities with a personal touch, communications platform that allow members to interact in real time as well as an business listing system which can be used by visitors or locals alike, there's never been such easy access! With our handy blog system you'll always get up-to-date news on your favorite topics before anyone else does; thanks to local assistants who keep us updated no matter how long they're away from their hometowns - even if we don't know them yet ourselves.

1.Blogs & News

News and blogs are always local to your community, because they were written by the businesses or the city's manager.

2. Listing System/Platform

A global listing platform where every business in the community has a presence. It offers an easy way for customers to find any business and connect with them before, during or after their purchase!

3. Events

Community events are the driving force behind this new generation of social media. These events, created and promoted by local artists and businesses, help to bring communities together in a way that has never been done before!

Community Mobile Apps

A Dedicated App For Everyone

The app acts like your own personal assistant. All your tickets,appointments, coupons etc are all in one place.

  • Make a booking at your local restaurant
  • Purchase a new pair of shies from your local shoe store
  • Ask the bookstore if your pre-order has arrived
  • Complete surveys for community rewards


By making each monument, attraction and historic house come to life, visitors can experience the richness of your community.

Active Invites

Each promoter receives an individualized recommendation suite of products, which they can deliver to their clients.


Our dashboard provides granular analytics of what marketing asset drives consumer engagement.

AR Targets

Augmented reality targets, provide enhanced user experience to those that are curious or simply want more information.

Landing Page

Fully customizable landing pages that increase your conversion rates and ROI


Increase revenue by providing compensation to hotel concierge, taxi drivers, and noncompetitive suppliers.

Interactive Map

Beautiful maps of communities where the main attractions come to life in the form of video, text and images.

Step 1

Community Meeting

Hold a community meeting to create a Proof of Concept (POC)

Step 2

Install Hardware

Install Beacons and Wi-Fi Transmitters

Step 3

Create IOT Microsites

Create Mini-websites that will have a series of behaviours based on consumer actions

Our Process

Creating a Community Portal

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core platforms

stand alone or bolt on

Use our  telecom, video conferencing, broadcast and booking platforms as a core to build applications that generate revenue and reduce operational costs.

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