Tourism, CVB and DMO's

Connect with your visitors before, during and after their trip

Destination Management Organizations play a critical role in society. Our platform allows your destination to stay in constant contact with your visitors allowing them to reach out to both your organization and directly with your members.


IOT Smart Community


Create an interactive destination for all your visitors.

Features & Benefits

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Tourism has never been more challenging. Empower your DMO with the latest tools and mobile apps to ensure that visitors to your destination know all the great things to see and do before they leave. While they are in your destination, our tools provide constant reminders of relevant events and attractions, and once they are gone, our tools keep in touch with them so they can tell their friends about the great time they had, and allow your DMO to analyze their behaviour and invite them back.


Consulting Services

We work with communities and associations to assist them to deliver better value-added services, and to improve overall interaction with all their stakeholders.

Mapping Services

We work with local photographers, videographers and writers to promote their destination by ensuring that all the things to do, places to visit and points of interest are digitized and showcased on their community portal.

Digital Asset Management

We provide a dedicated digital asset management system which allows all community assets to be stored and retrieved in the virtual and physical world.

Destination Promotion

Working with our partners, we develop a comprehensive strategy for the branding of the community: print material, marketing programs, outreach, social media, and video production.

Connect with your visitors before, during and after their trip

Do you belong to or run a community of interest?

Create an interactive destination for all your visitors.

Deployment Process

Community Story Telling

The story of your community is paramount in tourists choosing your destination and residents making it their home.

Member Value Added Services

We provides high quality value added services to your members to increase awareness, reduce costs, and align stakeholder values.

Consumer Benefits

Residents & Visitors of each community create  Secure Persona so merchants can create offerings tailored to each person's specifics taste

Our Process

Bring your community together

We work with you to understand your goals and objectives and work together to determine how we can integrate our platforms into your workflow


Welcome and Team Introduction

We start off with a kick off meeting, where we discuss the objectives and goals of your destination management organization. Initially, you want to start off with a subset of your attractions, we suggest no more than five attractions, where you can package the offerings into a simple kit for your visitors.

Brand Sprint Workshop

We create a physical map of your environment, where our artist will draw caricatures of your most important points of interest, including favorite restaurants, museums, attractions, and events.


Wireframe and Design

We work with your team, to understand Your goals and objectives. From there we create the wire frames that are needed in order to build the workflow required to execute your business.

Prototype Phase

Now that we understand your process flow, we work collaboratively to build a storyboard, and begin building the prototype. We then start the illustration and complete the creative writing process.


Programming and Integration

Once we develop all of interfaces, workflow, wireframes and art, we build begin the build out of your infrastructure including databases, content delivery networks, firewalls and mobile applications.

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