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Your chamber, our technology, a match made in heaven.

There is nothing more powerful than a marketplace, the recent surge in value of companies like Amazon,com and is evidence that aggregation portals just work.


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Supplement your membership revenue with transactional and service revenue providing stability and predictability.


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Chambers are highly dependent on member dues to support their activities. At TIN, we provide the best of both worlds, each individual merchant is part of an exchange network on their own behalf, and in addition, as part of the community marketplace.

It’s clear, that when given a choice, residents prefer to shop locally, opposed to shopping at multinational chain stores. The challenge in the new normal, is to be able to find the products and services you want, when you want them.

We are experts at building marketplace systems with broad experience in the tourism sector and craft industries. We’ve also deployed sophisticated systems for the airline training industry but our passion is to create marketplace systems for the communities where we live, work and play.

Why should my chamber create it's own marketplace portal?

Often, Chambers of Commerce do not have the time, and financial means to build an e-commerce marketplace platform similar to those created by Amazon or Walmart.

Let’s start with an industry that we all know.

Every large hotel chain has their own individual listing platform, and a reservation centre with a 1-800 or toll-free number.
Yet, you will still find them on the multiple listing sites, the most common of which,, Expedia, Travelocity, and a host of other sites, that will either provide exchange services, or marketplace services.


* Increase non-due Revenues

* Establish a community marketplace

* Create a CMS Listing platform

* Increase Search Engine Optimization

Your chamber, our technology, a match made in heaven.

Increase Non-Due Revenues by introducing a suite of Utility Based Services

Supplement your membership revenue with transactional and service revenue providing stability and predictability.

Deployment Process

Our Process

Identify market opportunities in your Chamber

Chambers of Commerce are the first line of support for small business' in a community. Let's work together to not only create an online experience but an offline one as well. We take care of all of your operational requirements, from e-commerce, portal maintenance and customer service so you can focus on providing additional value to your members.


Create a list of all your members, with all the functionality that you wanted to display on the platform itself.

This includes But not limited to, legal name, display name, business phone number, business fax, Industry classification, attributes, contact information,

Social Media Workshop

Social media information, we suggest at the minimum, both Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. But more and more users are supporting multiple social media accounts.


Media Management & Mapping Workshop

Multiple images, indoor mapping, outdoor mapping, floor plan of applicable,

Set up IOT Infrastructure


industry Use Cases

Each industry is unique and we support each industry uniquely

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