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About Us

We are a team of multidisciplinary experts  that hail from
different parts of the world. What we share in common is the love our communities.  We create value for communities by increasing awareness and provide the expertise to amplify the goals and objectives of the communities we serve

Our mission

To Empower Communities

We assist communities showcase their creativity and ingenuity
using the expertise of local and national partners.
We help tell their unique stories through
multiple methods and mediums. 

what we do

We Move
Communities Forward

We have created a powerful global communications
platform that allows the world to communicate, interact and transact,
enabling people to make powerful connections-whether in business, government,
tourism, culture, education, philanthropy or creativity.

Consulting Services

We work with communities and associations to assist them to deliver better value-added services and to improve overall interaction with all their stakeholders.

Mapping Services

We work with local photographers, videographers and writers to promote their destination by ensuring that all the things to do, places to visit and points of interest are digitized and showcased on their community portal

Digital Asset Management

We provide a dedicated digital asset management system which allows all community assets to be stored and retrieved in the virtual and physical world

Destination Promotion

Working with our partners, we develop a comprehensive strategy for the branding of the community: print material, marketing programs, outreach, social media, and video production.

who we are

We love what we
do and do what we love. 

Our skills are as diverse as our nationalities and backgrounds.

Visitors App

When a visitor gets to a point of interest, they can scan an Augmented Reality target to get more information, get a coupon, or admission ticket.

Residents App

Residents create a secure private persona so merchants can offer the right services and products on demand or just in time. 

Merchant App

Assist customers and build relationships from anywhere whether they are in your location, delivering on-demand services, or working from home.

Continents Covered
Associates & Members
Functions as a Service
Tosha Cayo
Domain steward
Coming from the banking industry, Tosha is the director of operations.
Connor McGimsey
Business Diviner
Connor is in charge of sales and business development.
Thomas Weisner
Wizard of Words
A veteran of the advertising and marketing world, Tom is our marketing expert.
Daniel Williams
Supreme peddler
With more than 30 years of experience in sales, Daniel leads the sales team for the Americas
Andy Rouse
Country Manager UK
Andy acts as an mentor and angel investor providing advice to entrepreneurs
Gratia Ionescu
Jill of all Trades
Gratia is primarily responsible for infrastructure and operations.
Pavle Andjelkovic
The numbers guy
With experience from EY, Pavle is the resident bean counter
Jano Onderco
The Mad Scientist
When not trying to redefine the Theory of Relativity, Jano works on mundane issues like making our portal more consumer friendly.
Tatiana Saroufim
Wissam Mehyou
Flying High
A serial entrepreneur and pilot, Wissam is a literal and virtual nomad looking for opportunities wherever they can be found.
Raja Mehyou
The Social Connector
With a decade of experience in manufacturing and hospitality, Raja spearheads our development into the Middle East
Zeina Mehyou
The Analytical Chemist
Dr. Mehyou is a founder of the TIN, and is responsible for ensuring everyone follows the rules.

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