Why should I use a listing platform instead of my beautiful WordPress Site?

Its main goal is to provide information that drives someone to perform a further action: call, chat, book, buy, apply, etc.

I have a beautiful website, isn’t that good enough?

Let’s start with an industry that we all know. Every large hotel chain has their own individual listing platform, and a reservation one 800 or toll-free number.

Yet, you will still find them on the multiple listing sites, the most common of which,, Expedia, Travelocity, and a host of other sites, that will either provide exchange services, or marketplace services.
The reason for this is quite simple, in the old days, if I had a bakery, I would have a sign in my front window, perhaps I would have a poster,But I would definitely rely on the quality of my product, and the Goodwill that’s generated by word-of-mouth.

Today, there are so many means of advertising, that is really hard to pick the best one, and that’s why you have the exponential growth of the Martech industry.
In this world of instant information, tweets, chirps, posts And yes blogs, like this one, information is being distributed consumed at a frightening pace.

So why can’t I just use my word press website, to build a listing platform?
Well that depends. It depends on whether or not you want to spend your days and nights updating the information, or do what the aggregators do, which is move the responsibility on to the members. And that’s the reason why you need a CMS. A CMS provides you a method, whereby your members can  instantly update the information on their website, And if their website is connected with the listing platform, then, you only have to do the work once.

Why you would choose to use Wordpress?

Because your website is already built in WordPress and you and your staff are already familiar with it. There is also a budget limitation involved, investing in a new system will be costly and outside of your budget.

The question is what type of listing do you want to have on your site? Can your constituents book anything? Chat with your organization or the businesses listed in your system? Can the businesses update their own information? Or are you simply listing the businesses that are part of your organization with their names, phones and website links?

Using your Wordpress site for a listing platform means to custom develop in order to fully get the benefits of it.

What is a listing platform?

Simply put, it is a system that has been built to list things. Some examples are business listings, real estate, movies, dating, jobs, etc.

Those listing platforms are not only built to list, but also to encourage an interaction between buyer and seller, landlord and renter, cinema and movie enthusiast, recruiter and jobseeker. Its main goal is to provide information that drives someone to perform a further action: call, chat, book, buy, apply, etc.

The main advantages for your organizations are:

·      Businesses can easily manage their account

 And those for your members are:

·      Booking system for their customers

·      Events and tickets system

·      Blogs and news creation

·      Ratings and Reviews


As a rule, people don’t like change, it is hard and requires learning something new. But change is good, it shows progresses and forethought. It allows us to expand our reach, better ourselves and achieve more.

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