Smart Cities

The benefits of a connected neighbourhood

It's hard to deny the success of Nextdoor with 268,000 neighborhoods globally. The neighborhood-based social media app lets users provide feedback on local businesses.

I know, I know. You don't even like to bake so there's really not a reason to get to know your neighbor. However, I think those neighbors of yours could give you more than a little sugar. Connected neighborhoods, "communities" as we like to call them, are one of the most essential aspects to capital growth. Knowing your neighborhood is what can save you the day you need someone you trust to pick your kid up from school. Studies have shown that tight-knit communities are typically safer and experience lower rates of crime. This starts a chain reaction to high capital growth.

When members within a neighborhood community cooperate and collaborate everyone enjoys capital growth. With capital growth the community can invest in better school programs, public transportation, and other amenities to benefit all. Apps like NextDoor and Neighborland drive community engagement like we've never seen before. Neighborhoods connected around the world are quickly finding solutions to the communities problems while generating support for community campaigns, housing initiatives, economic development, parks and public spaces, urban design projects, and resilience planning.

By now, if you have not heard of smart cities, you must be living under a rock. For the most part, when people think of smart cities, they think of efficient lighting, wind or solar energy or smart waste collection.  Smart cities all over the world are being custom designed

We take a different approach, we see smart cities as an extension of the smart home. Communities have been around a long time and we think a retrofit of these communities is a better way to nudge residents into an environment where systems predict behaviour, yet privacy concerns remain paramount.

We also believe that today, smart communities can become a reality and investments will show solid and long term returns.

We believe that a connected community could be the key to creating foundational outcomes for a neighborhood's future.

Call us today to find out how a community listing platform and booking system can transform your neighborhood.

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